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Electrical Sciences & Technology                                                                           for Electronics

2000 No Award  
1999 Prof R Arockiasamy
IIT, Delhi 
For development of pollution free electric and hybrid electric vehicles for city transportation.
1998 Shri G. P. Shrivastava
Head Control Instrumentation Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
Development of instrumented pipeline inspection gauge for measurement of pipe thickness of oil pipelines.
1997 No Award  
1996 Shri Sudhir Ganan Bhat
Managing Director, Dura Magnets (P) Ltd, Satara
Development of Alnico Magnet.
1995 Shri G.B. Meemamsi
Member Steering Committee,
Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), New Delhi.
Development of electronic switching systems.
1994 Prof. V. T. Ranganathan
Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore

Prof. V. Ramanarayanan
Indian institute of sciences, Bangalore
Development of Power electronic products.
1993 Dr. A.R. Kalyanaraman
Senior Deputy Director The South India Textile Research Association,
He has designed ancillaries, which are energy savers when used in textile machines. Already about 5 lakhs energy saving spindles are in use in the industry. The SITRALISED ENERGY SAVING TAPE designed by him ensures a saving in energy even with respect to Synthetic Laminated tapes.
1992 Dr. P.S. Goel
Deputy Director Controls & Mission Area, I.S.A.C., Bangalore
He developed close control for spinning satellites for the first time in the world. He developed the challenging 3-axis stabilization technology for first time for APPLE Satellite, a major breakthrough for ISRO.
1991 Dr. S.C. Kapoor For the following development activities: 1. Development of 800 Kv Equipment Specification 2. GIS Specification & Engineering aspects. 3. Back-to-back HVDC Valve Module Testing facility 4. Synthetic test facility for SVC’s Valves. 5. Automation for Sub-stations.
1990 Dr. S.C. Gupta
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre 
For his work, which has resulted in self-reliance in all aspects of control, navigation and guidance of rockets and satellite launch vehicles and of major components of the attitude control system of satellites.
1989 Dr. Hari Ram Sharma
Member (Hydro) Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi 
For doing significant and extensive work in the field of Hydro Power on subjects like design of power intake in run-of-the river Hydro Electric Schemes, Operation Schedule for the Yamuna Hydro Scheme, criteria for elimination of surge tanks at Hydro Power Plants fed by long pressure conduits, tidal power technology in the country etc.
1988 Shri Mukesh Bandari
Managing Director Electrotherm Machines (I) P. Ltd 
Vatva, Ahmadabad 
Development of medium frequency solid-state generators up to 500 KW for applications in melting, heating and hardening and firing circuits for electronic drilling rigs.
1987 Prof. V.V. Sastry 
Dept. of Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of  Technology, Madras 
Phase shift modification for speed change of Induction machines. Design optimization of electrical machines using CAD. Developing smart motor controller for energy saving.
1986 Dr. M. Ramamoorty 
Director General Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore 
Development of solid state Relays, high voltage switchgear, high frequency Inverter of 200 KW for induction melting.
1985 No Award  
1983 & 1984 Combined with Electronics
Shri S.N. Seshadri
Head, Reactor Control Division BARC, Mumbai 
Design, fabrication and installation of control system of fast critical facility - Radio telescopes and Servomechanism control engineering.
1982 to 1976 No Award