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Electronic Sciences & Technology                                                                           for Electricals

2000 Dr Bhaskar Ramamurthi   
IIT, Chennai 
For contribution to image coding, modem algorithms, wireless local loop system and direct internet access system.
1999 Prof B B Bhattacharya 

Prof M K Kundu

Prof C A Murthy 
ISI, Kolkata
For development of new techniques for processing digital images.
1998 Shri A.S. Kiran Kumar  
Space Application Centre, Ahmadabad 
Development of electro optical imaging instruments for meteorological and remote sensing applications.
1997 Shri P.S. Veeraraghavan
Group Director

Shri John P. Zachariah  
Divisional Head 

Dr R. Vikraman Nair 
Deputy General Manager, 
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Tiruvanathapuram
Development of automatic Launch Processing System (ALPS) for the PSLV mission of ISRO.
1996 Prof. L. M. Patnaik  
Professor Microprocessor’s Application,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Pioneering contribution to computer science and engineering.
1995 Prof. M. V. Pitke 
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
Development of Technology for Digital Switching System.
1994 Prof. Bharathi Bhat

Prof. Shiban K. Koul 
Centre for Applied Research in Electronics, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Development of Ka-bend Wave component and Ferrite phase shifter for defense organizations.
1993 Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar  
Executive Director, Center for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune 
Delivered the PARAM 8000 system on par in technology and performance with the developments in Europe. Currently there are 26 installations of PARAM, 4 of which are outside India.
1992 Smt. D. Lakshmi 
Deputy General Manager, 
BEL, Bangalore
The Versatile Console Systems was designed, developed, manufactured and installed on the INS VIKRANT, INS GODAVARI, INS GANGA, and INS GOMATI. Extensive sea trials were conducted on each of the above warships to commission and prove the system developed from indigenous and technological efforts for operations use.
1991 Smt. Lakshmi G. Menon
OCS, Mumbai
As Engineer-in-Charge R&D, Overseas Communication Service, responsible for installation/tests/co-ordination with supplier of computer Controlled Telex/Telegraph Systems and for specifying new systems.
1990 Dr. Vasudev K. Aatre

Dr. G. Devarajan 

Shri S. Kedarnath Shenoy 
For the design and development of Airborne Sonic Processor System
& Modular Fiber Optic Data Bus.
1989 Dr. V. Prasad Kodali 
Dept. of Electronics, New Delhi 
For his contribution in the development of tracking radars as Project Leader for Microwave Transmit Receiver Chains. These radars are still being used as vital ground support facility for the Nation’s space program.
1988 Dr. M.S. Narasimhan  
I.I.T., Madras 
Developing Design Methodology of large reflector antennas and high performance feed systems. Design analysis of trope-antennas of INDO-USSR trope link RCPO trope-antennas and of EMI between DF antennas and radar reflector in a war vessel.
1987 Shri S.Rajendran 
Director LRDE, DRDO, Bangalore
Development of high performance Doppler Surveillance Radar.
1986 Shri K.P.P. Nambiar 
Dept. Of Electronics, New Delhi 
Establishment of Industrial Electronic R&D Center in India, establishment of a chain of Industrial complexes in Kerala; establishing leadership in development of Electronics Industry in India.
1985 Prof. P.V.S. Rao

Group Captain A.B. Mehta 

Wing Cdr. J.R. Bankapur

Mr. Sugata Sanyal

Mr. Aniruddha Sen

Wing Cdr. T.V. Venkataraman
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay
Design, development and production of an Automatic Data Handling System (ADHS) for strategic air defense of India.
1984 Prof. A.B. Bhattacharya 
I.I.T., New Delhi 
Solid-state devices LSI/VLSI Technology. Production of indigenous components.
1983 Dr. R.P. Shenoy

V. Subramaniam

Shri Y. Pichi Reddy

Shri R.L.Verma  
Electronics & Radar Development Establishment High Grounds, Bangalore 
Military radar and communication systems such as Mortar Locating  Radar, VHF/UHF Direction finding equipment, Automatic Electronic Switch.
1982 Dr. Srinivasan
NPOL, (DR&D) Cochin

(Dr.) A. Paulraj 
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 
Oceanographic Instrumentation Underwater detection techniques and sonar systems.
1981 Dr. B.D. Pradhan

Dr. S.R. Borkar

Sri N.A. Gandhi

Shri S.A. Mhatre
Tata Electronics Companies, Bombay
Development and production of advance defense electronic equipment in the field of radar systems.
1980 Prof. U.R. Rao  
Director I.S.A.C., Bangalore 
Design, fabrication and launching of Aryabhata and Apple Satellites.
1979 Shri T.V. Ramamurti

Shri N. Radhakrishna Nair
Project Manager (Ferrites) Central Electronics Ltd. Sahibabad
Development and Production of high permeability ferrites used in telecommunications and television industry.
1978 Dr. V. Narayan Rao

Shri C.R. Chakravarty 
Assistant Director 

Dr. M.S.V. Gopal Rao 
Assistant Director 
Defense Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad 
Sonar, underwater sound propagation and Electronic and naval Weapon system and Digital Electronics and application to communications and radar system.
1977 Dr. J. Das

Dr. M.N. Faruqui

Dr. P.K. Chatterjee

Dr. C.V. Chakravarty 

Shri T.S. Lamba

Dr. S. Rakshit
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 
Development of Digital Communication Systems and Speech processing.
1976 Shri R.V. Sitaram
Head, Microwave Engineering Division

Shri K.V. Ramanathan 
Head, Solid Electronics Division 
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay
Development of Microwave Technology & Solid State Technology devices and equipment.