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Environmental Sciences & Technology

2014 Prof. Virendra Sethi
Professor, CESE, IITB, Mumbai
For the development of simple and low cost gasification clean up system for hot producer gas from thermo-chemical gasification of biomass.
2013 Dr. S. R. Wate
Director, NEERI, Nagpur
For the development of technology and construction and operation of on-site waste treatment for re-drill site waste management to control oil pollution.
2012 Dr. B. N. Goswami
Director, IITM, Pune
For the development and installation of State of the art Climate Prediction System and short and medium range weather prediction system.
2011 Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Scientist & Head Mumbai Zonal Center National Environmental Engg. Research Institute, Mumbai
He has contributed extensively in a variety of areas related to environmental science and technology, air and water pollution, solid waste management, environment modeling, environment impact and risk assessment and so on.
2010 Prof. C. K. Varshney
Professor Emeritus (JNU), New Delhi
He has been researching in the field of environmental science for over five decades - especially in the fields of natural wetlands and state of rivers and surface water bodies in India, biodiversity and environmental impact assessment and so on.
2009 Dr. Ashok K. Singhvi
Outstanding Scientist & J. C. Bose National Fellow, Physical Research Lab, Ahmedabad.
He has made outstanding contribution to Environmental Science & Technology, particularly in the area of geoscienes.
2008 Dr. S.K. Dube
Former Director, IIT Kharagpur and currently in IIT, New Delhi.
For contribution and the development of various mathematical models accounting for the atmospheric and metrological phenomena in the prediction of tropical storms and its effects mosquitoes and bio-environmental malaria control.
2007 Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti
Acting Director, NEERI, Nagpur.
For contribution Environmental Biotechnology and its application for the remediation of toxic wastewater and hazardous sludge treatment and management.
2006 Shri Paritosh C.Tyagi
Former Chairman, CPCB, New Delhi.
For contributed to the development of the sustainableframework and its implementation through a variety of State and Central governmental agencies and NGO's.
2005 Prof. C.R. Babu
Professor Emeritus CEMDE, School of Environment Studies, University of Delhi.
For Contribution to conservation of Biodiversity ecosystem, management and environmental microbiology.
2004 Dr. Thirumalachari Ramasami
DG CSIR/Secretary DST.
For Development of Pollution Control system in leather industry.
2003 Prof. H.Y. MohanRam
INSA Honorary Scientist (2006), (Former Prof. Of Botany , University of Delhi).
For Development of tissue culture of bamboos, bananas and legumes.
2002 Prof. R Gadagkar
Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
For contribution to structural evolution of insect societies leading to better understanding of social life in animals.
2001 Dr. V P Sharma
Formerly Addl. DG, ICMR and Director, Malaria Research Centre, New Delhi.
For pioneering work on entomology, genetic control of mosquitoes and bio-environmental malaria control.
2000 Dr. A P Mitra 
NPL, New Delhi. 
For contribution in the field of upper atmospheric and ionospheric research.
1999 Prof. A K Sharma  
Calcutta University, Kolkata.  
For contribution to cell and chromosome research with particular reference to plant sciences and evolutionary biology, biodiversity and their relationship to the environment.